5 Reasons to Switch to De Fabulous Hair Care Products for Healthier, Stronger Hair

5 Reasons to Switch to De Fabulous Hair Care Products for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Do hair problems keep recurring despite you investing in multiple hair care products? Are you looking for a concrete solution to your hair problems? You are at the right place! Let us tell you why you need to ditch your current hair regime for De Fabulous Hair Care Products.

Healthy & strong hair is one of the most aspired beauty traits. There is a plethora of products available in the market to help you get flawless hair. Most products found in the market currently are either gimmicks or provide no concrete solution to any hair problem. De Fabulous understands this issue. Thus, the company developed a range of products that culminate natural agents & science together to heal the hair follicles from the inside. This post will tell you why you need to leave your current hair care routine and invest in De Fabulous Hair Care Products to get healthier, stronger hair!

De Fabulous Hair Care Products Provide Necessary Nutrition:

The De Fabulous range of products incorporate a simple “Science x Nature” formula to give you the best of both worlds. De Fabulous Hair Care Products are designed with naturally sourced agents that provide care and essential benefits to the hair follicles. Here is a list of ingredients that the De Fabulous hair care products have:

Almond Extract:

Almond extract is a natural agent that moisturizes, treats dandruff and smoothen the frizz in the hair. Almond extract is packed with other essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, Magnesium and so on. It also helps alleviate Dandruff in the scalp.

Wheat Amino Acid:

Wheat amino acids are known to retain the moisture in the hair follicles for a long time. It also helps reduce the porousness in the hair follicles and fortifies them. This helps improve the strength of the hair from within.

Oat Protein:

Oat proteins are known to relieve irritation and itching in the scalp. It also forms a layer over the hair follicles preventing water loss and promotes hydration retention.

The PH Balance:

All De Fabulous products are made with a PH neutral formula that does not react with the skin’s PH in any way. A PH neutral product makes it perfect for regular use since it does not strip the hair and the scalp of its natural oils.

Sulfate-Free and Chemical Safe:

We believe in using only those chemicals that help the body and not the ones that do otherwise. A simple way to provide our consumers the safest products is to make them sulfate-free. This makes our products extremely safe to use regularly.

At De Fabulous we do not think “Quick Fixes”. We go to the root cause of hair problems and tackle them. Every solution we make is thoroughly studied, put through rigorous tests and quality control measures. This way we make sure all our products do exactly what they are intended to do.


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