About Us

De Fabulous aims to change the face of the hair care industry, with its culture of bringing in luxury at an affordable price range. Hailing from the US, they believe in using only the finest botanical ingredients and natural extracts to deliver premium lavish results, at a reasonable rate, over a wide range of products. No matter your hair type, De Fabulous has a sulphate-free and pH-balanced solution for you.

The ideology:

 At De Fabulous we believe that hair care is a luxury that everyone should be able to afford. Hair is a crown that should never come off your head and we work to keep it that way. We have introduced a range of products that work on a variety of hair conditions and leave the user with fabulous hair from the root to the tip.

To provide the consumers with the right solutions, we set a team of R&D experts that study the Indian scalp conditions and its unique problems. Thus, every product that we sell in India is altered to suit the conditions here.

The Science:
We believe in Mother Nature and her powers to heal us, and it is evident from our product range. Whether it is our Ginger Energizing Range, the Reviver Range or the Get Close Scalp Aid, every range has its own unique combination of natural ingredients that work to better your hair’s quality.




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